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I've helped B2B companies create and implement international marketing and communications strategies since 1999. I've been fortunate enough to work with some great companies and highly talented individuals during the years. But the game's changing fast. Although my aim is always to create pragmatic solutions that produce measurable results, there are always new challenges to overcome. I studied engineering and music and I have an Executive MBA (with Distinction) from Henley Business School, University of Reading (UK). Here on Integrated B2B, I want to share my personal opinions and perspectives on the changing face of B2B marketing. I hope you join in the conversation, too.

Single blade installation takes the lead

By Hans Schneider

Longer blades, tougher logistics

With the notable exception of Siemens Wind Power’s 3.6 MW turbines, the blades of today’s offshore wind turbines are typically pre-assembled into a single rotor component before being loaded onto a vessel and sailed out to their final destination. Continue reading

A2SEA wins Gode Wind 1 and 2 installation

In the first half of 2015, in the German part of the North Sea, A2SEA will start installing 97 Siemens 6 MW, 154m-rotor turbines from Siemens – representing a total capacity of 582 MW.

When completed, Gode Wind 1 and 2 will be the largest contiguous offshore wind farm area in Germany to date. The agreement is a strong signal that German offshore wind is back on the agenda – and prioritised, too. And it’s also an acknowledgement of A2SEA’s lengthy track record. Continue reading

Steady as she goes

Heavy lift supervisor Gaynor Horner hails from Northern Ireland, just outside Belfast. He has been lifting around the world for the past 20 years, including lengthy periods in Oman, Dubai, and the North Sea.

These days, you’ll find him on board SEA WORKER, keeping a watchful eye (“Like a hawk”) on every lifting task, but he has also worked with SEA JACK back in 2011, and more recently with SEA INSTALLER during mobilisation in the Netherlands. Continue reading

Governments must stop messing with renewable energy support mechanisms

By Thomas Becker, CEO, EWEA

When you spend money on something, you expect to get something back. If you spend it on a house, you expect to get somewhere nice to live – and if you sell it later on, to make a reasonable profit. If you are a financier looking to invest millions in an offshore wind farm, you expect a return on your investment. If that return becomes uncertain, you will put your money elsewhere. Continue reading

Report from Gwynt y Môr

By Steen Drue, Project Manager, A2SEA A/S

Turbine installation work at Gwynt y Môr began on April 30 when SEA JACK started work loading components for the very first of 160 turbine locations. Seven weeks later, SEA WORKER departed from Grenaa, Denmark, headed for the port of Mostyn to join the installation teamwork. In June, the two vessels began working ”side-by-side”, although, in reality, they only occasionally pass each other on the water. Continue reading

From paper to people

Human awareness and behaviour are essential in relation to safety

By Niklas Karlsson, Head of HSEQ, A2SEA A/S

A new Tower of Babel?

If you haven’t been on board an installation vessel while it’s in action, you may not be aware of just how challenging ensuring safety for everyone can be. Imagine, for example, that there are a number of teams on board, each responsible for a specific, well-defined task. Each team has a set number of steps to follow, both to complete the task and to do so as safely as possible. Continue reading

Every day is different

Nicholas Pine is used to a bit of everything. With his job as A2SEA’s site manager for West of Duddon Sands, he certainly needs to be. Before joining the offshore wind industry and A2SEA three years ago, he worked all over the world with heavy construction projects. Now, you might think that Asia and the Middle East, in particular, would have thrown enough challenges at him to last a lifetime, but Nicholas is thriving on his latest home ground at Belfast harbour – and he’s enjoying working with SEA INSTALLER, too. Continue reading