Jens Frederik Hansen, Author at Offshore Wind Installer
Sharing knowhow in offshore wind construction

Safety as a competitive advantage

By Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO, A2SEA

Are heavy investments in safety management just part of doing business in offshore wind – or are companies who prioritise such investments better positioned to succeed?

In many other industries, CEOs are often quoted saying that safety and health is key for their company’s success. But does the same apply to offshore wind construction companies? And is there a tangible competitive advantage for installation contractors who don’t just react to client safety demands but proactively think beyond? Continue reading

Bold changes lead the way

By Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO, A2SEA

There’s an old, wise English saying: “Charity begins at home”. I believe it is equally true (although less poetic) to say that “Leadership starts in the company”.

That’s why at A2SEA, the largest player in installation and market leader for over a decade, we have now begun leading the way toward a new level of industry achievement – starting with ourselves. Continue reading