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Lifting health and safety in offshore wind


By Kirsten Bank Christensen
Vice President, Group HSEQ, A2SEA A/S


The offshore wind industry is growing and maturing at an impressive pace. With this pace comes considerable opportunity to improve on health and safety. But exactly what does it take to put safe working systems into play? And how can we build up experience, resources and training to establish safety as more than just an operational safeguard? Continue reading

Zero harm: Safety supplier days

By Kirsten Bank Christensen, Vice President, Group HSEQ

Safety is our license to operate – and there can be no compromises when it comes to ensuring that our people return safely from their work every single day. But getting safety right takes sharp focus, meticulous planning and a carefully coordinated effort from everyone involved. And that’s where A2SEA’s Safety Supplier Days make a real difference. Continue reading