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Danish seafarer taxation – a challenge worth solving

By Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO, A2SEA A/S

We’re living in an increasingly competitive world and, as a leading maritime nation that wants to stay up with the play, Denmark needs to review one particular aspect of its regulatory framework: seafarer taxation. While more conventional vessels are covered by favourable taxation rules, it’s becoming more and more important for this to be extended to specialised vessels operating in offshore industries.

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Is Dogger Bank worth banking on?

By Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO, A2SEA A/S

Recently, we’ve seen quite a bit of discussion around the proposed Dogger Bank development – a man-made island to be constructed on the enormous shoal about 100 kms from the northeastern coast of England. There’s plenty of wind out there – and it’s relatively shallow. So locating a connecting base for electricity (up to 30 GW of it generated from offshore wind) to be shared among countries facing the North Sea is certainly an interesting idea. But is the idea as good as it seems?

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Everyone likes a winner: Congratulations to SSE

By Mette Jørvad
Director, Head of Communication & Marketing

Everyone likes to win. This year, it wasn’t quite our turn, although we did come a close second to the winners of Renewable UK’s Health & Safety Award 2017, the British energy company SSE, which is headquartered in Scotland. But instead of just blowing our own trumpet about being the still proud runner-up (we did make the announcement on our company website), we’d like to applaud the efforts of our offshore wind colleagues.

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By Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO, A2SEA

Earlier this year, nine North Sea region countries signed an agreement aimed at building a more sustainable, secure and affordable energy supply through a much more ambitious level of cooperation. It appears there may be billions to be saved (according to European Commission studies) if we work together – and I’m certainly all for the idea. But what will the reality be? Can politicians, investors and the industry itself really deliver this potential upside by building electricity links, allowing more trading of energy and further integration of energy markets?

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Tightening up the tendering process

By Tony Millward, Vice President, Tender & Contracts, A2SEA

Tendering has been part of the offshore wind industry since its inception – and it’s crucial for arriving at an efficient and safe turbine installation plan. Yet still today, there are elements of the tender process that can be improved. So what makes for a good process?

For me, one of the most important aspects to tendering is simply this: Who’s at the table? At A2SEA, we always front with a full team comprising commercial, technical and legal advisors in all phases. This hasn’t been the norm on the other side of the table – but it may well be where things are headed in the future.

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Time to rethink and renew

Time to rethink and renew

By Jonathan Winch

The supplier landscape in offshore wind has always been in a state of constant change. Over one and a half decades, it has developed enormously in capabilities and capacity. New players have flowed into the market, specialising in aspects such as surveying, cable laying, foundation installation or component transport – and a few have achieved significant size, or been acquired by larger companies in adjacent businesses.

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Efficiency in the driver’s seat

What can offshore wind learn from industrial manufacturing? DONG Energy’s Mats Vikholm, drawing on his experience as a top manager at Volvo, Pininfarina and SAAB, is at the helm to encourage best practices that can help to lower the cost of energy. Where has he started – and what are his responsibilities and viewpoints? Continue reading

Let’s insist on a safe journey

By Samuel Leopold, Executive Vice President, DONG Energy Wind Power

The offshore wind industry is facing two must-win battles. We need to reduce the cost of electricity from offshore wind turbines; and we need to improve our health and safety performance.

The two challenges have a number of similarities. In relatively few years, we need to accomplish what other industry sectors have spent many years achieving. Over the next ten years, we need to be at a health and safety level that matches the level that other sectors, including the oil and gas sector, have spent more than 100 years reaching. This is a major challenge. Continue reading

Bold changes lead the way

By Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO, A2SEA

There’s an old, wise English saying: “Charity begins at home”. I believe it is equally true (although less poetic) to say that “Leadership starts in the company”.

That’s why at A2SEA, the largest player in installation and market leader for over a decade, we have now begun leading the way toward a new level of industry achievement – starting with ourselves. Continue reading